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Shipping Information

Why Does the Delivery date different from seller to seller?
Delivery time depending on the location of the seller, courier partner in their area so delivery dates different from seller to seller.
Why same product different charges on different pin code?
Same products have different charges on different pin code bcoz charges depend on destination, logistic and seller policy.
Are they any shipping charges?
Yes any charges for sipping will be mentioned on the cart while placing the order .shipping charge different on seller, products, logistic and location.
If I choose local transport I have to pay extra charges? When shipping charges free ?
Yes you have to pay unloading and stay charges but that’s charges will be nominally. You don’t have to pay transport fair.
I select local transport I have collect at transport office?
Yes you have collect your product at transport office we provide information about address, number and built number.
JK ship outside of India?
Unfortunately JK does not deliver outside of India.
Why delivery times consider to delivery time line?
Delivery Time mentioned on product on website is estimated. Delivery time depending on availability on product, location or courier partner.