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Submersible Pump Set

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Submersible Pumps

At JK Agri Shop you will find a wide range of Submersible Pumps varying in size and brand. Submersible pumps have various functions like borehole water pumping, industrial pumping, and drainage to sewage pumping.  They are utilized for numerous purposes from commercial, international to domestic.
The key use of submersible pumps is to supply water to agriculture fields. In addition to that, they are also used for fire fighting as well as seawater handling. They are designed such that it prevents water from entering the pump using watertight gaskets. The pump adds a lot of pressure which enables it to spray water to a greater distance. 
These pumps are long-lasting and work efficiently on their own. 
JK Agri Shop has an extensive collection of pumps ensuring the quality of each product. We provide service when required and requested by customers. Below are the submersible pump set categories at JK Agri Shop.

3" Borewell Submersible Pump

4" Borewell Submersible Pump

6" Borewell Submersible Pump

Horizontal Openwell Submersible

Vertical Openwell Submersible

6"Motor 8" Submersible Pump

8" Submersible Pump

Jk Agri Shop is the right place to buy Submersible pumps whether for home or farm. We furnish all requirements with the highest quality product and service at the lowest price. You will find the most popular brands like Lubi, Crompton, Nimco, Topland, Aden, Arollen, Felaan, Ozat, Satyajeet, Fusion, Jai Ganga, V-guard, and KB Pumps at JK Agri Shop. 
JK Agri Shop – The best place to buy Submersible Pumps.